2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Solar Hot Water System
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As the solar water heater supplier of Guangzhou Asian Games, Fivestar provides 12000 m2 high efficient solar water heaters and services. According to regional planning, the solar systems are installed respectively at athletes village of 4908 m2, international area 312 m2, technical official area 188 m2, main media centre 4848 m2, which amounts to roofs for 22 buildings.

The solar water heater system of each building is under relatively independent running, which is equipped with solar water tank, anti-damp and anti-sewage drain tank, and also the corresponding group should be equipped with enough solar heat storage water tanks. Every solar system should adopt closed circuit system and plate heat exchanger to exchange heat; The solar water tanks on the roof adopt the manner of water distribution under constant temperature, and the temperature of input water is adjustable between 48℃ and 65℃ as per the seasons, the warranty rate of solar system is 40%, during rainy days or insufficient sunlight days, it will be supplemented by water source heat pump.
The whole water heating system has realized the hot water supply of residential area of 1197900 m2 with 27500 people during the game, and the hot water supply of residential  area of 1928000 m2 with 56000 people after the game.  

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