Flat Solar Thermal Application in Cold Area
Author:Admin     Click:2086     Time:2016-05-09 19:06:00

The Promotion Seminar of Flat Solar Thermal Application in Cold Area was held in Nongdu Building, Heilongjiang Province.

Totally 24 Engineer & designers are invited to participate in the seminar. They are all experts from Heilongjiang Provincial Design Institute, Harbin City Contruction Design Insitute, Harbin Ark Design Institute, Heilongjiang Plan&Design Institute, Light Industry Design Institute, etc. 

The designers also paid an on-site visit to the Nongdu Building Solar + Heat Pump Hot Water Project and are very appreciated by the heating performance of FIVESTAR Solar Hot Water System. 

The Nongdu Building project was finished in September 2012. It totally consist of Flat Plate solar collector 240㎡ and air-source heat pump backup 70KW.  It’s designed to produce hot water 20m³/Day of 55℃. The system had been functioning well for 4 years.

It’s a winter day.  All the visitors are very surprised that the system can still produce hot water of 55℃ in a sunny winter day without any backup heating way, even the environmental temperature is under -25℃.

The visitors are so much convinced by FIVSTAR flat solar thermal product, though they were doubt about the efficiency of flat plate solar collector in cold area before.

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