FIVESTAR R&D Manager: Mr. Tang Wenxue
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Tang Wenxue, one of the youngest member of the China Solar Thermal Utilization Committee. 

I joint the FIVESTAR family since graduated, I started as a junior technician at the beginning , and gradually become the manager of the R&D Department and have a R&D team of more than 20 staffs,  Mr. Tang said. 

This is our R&D Manager, who have been working in FIVESTAR for more than 10 years and process 30 more national patents. He is one of the key member of the national subject KEY TECHNOLOGY STUDY & DEMONSTRATION OF FLAT SOLAR COLLECTOR UNDER MEDIUM-LOW TEMPERATURE,and responsible the provincial topic SOLAR COLLECTOR INDUSTRIALIZATION WITH BUILDING INTEGRATION, he also took part in the making the national standard of SOLAR THERMAL APPLICATION UNDER MEDIUM-LOW TEMPERATURE . 

Under the hard of his R&D team, FIVESTAR products have made great progress and earn the reputation around the world. The FIVESTAR flat plat solar collector with high instant efficiency 81% have become the top grade product all over the world. FIVESTAR flat solar products have already passed all the naional certificates as well as international certificate such as Solar Keymark (EU), SRCC (America), SABS (South Africa), AS NZS 2712(Australia),etc. and were sold to more than 30 countries. 

Every year, I spent around 80 days travelling eveywhere, the most happy thing for me when I travelling oversea is seeing many China products in the local market. I saw many CHERRY and GWM cars on the street when I visited a South American country. I was so much moved because our China products are so much popular on the opposite side of the earth and it means China manufacturing quality level have been much upgraded, Mr. Tang said.

For more information, pls check the report by Southcn Daily:

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